Who We Are

About The Cosmetology Connection & Consulting Services

The Cosmetology Connection is committed to excellence in Cosmetology Education and willing to assist future students to be better prepared for class and state board. As our profession has grown, so too has the need for quality resources, information and assistance. Our services and programs were created because the need for comprehensive cosmetology theory is on the rise in providing you with the tools and resources you need—in a variety of formats that are reliable, friendly, and one of a kind!

The Cosmetology Connection preparation courses are all created to offer the student a fast and convenient way to prepare for the State Licensing Exams. We reinforce the key concepts and theories learned in their Cosmetology education classes. So whether enrolled in an Adult Education Community College, Career College, Public High School or Proprietary School program, we are here to help you better prepare for licensing success!

It can be difficult to work with students one-on-one when a need or struggle arise, when schools are over-crowded and when there is a mixture of culture amongst many other situations. When this happens some students will shut down and will not ask for additional help simply for the fear of being judged or frowned upon. Whether this is true or not this is the perception, so our coaching, tutoring and brush up programs were created to break down barriers that can cause failure with today’s cosmetology students thus increasing the potential for success. Our services are designed to help students reach their full potential, boost confidence and ensure a solid foundation. 

Whether you are in beauty or barber school and need tutorials to assist you with your specific needs or taking the cosmetology exam for the first time or retaking it, A COSMETOLOGY CONNECTION COACH can help make your cosmetology exam preparation more efficient and effective. We will work with you to ensure you learn and are able to apply all the laws and skills needed to pass the cosmetology or specialty exam. 


• Help you keep to a study schedule 

• Work with you one-on-one to improve study skills, comprehension and performance test techniques 

• Enhance your knowledge of the TDLR law 

• Review practice questions 

• Be your “personal coach” during the rigorous process of studying for the cosmetology or specialty state board exam with PERSONALIZED FEEDBACK ON ALL of your tests, exams and skill competencies. 

A COSMETOLOGY CONNECTION COACH will review your entire written exam and provide feedback on your issues spotting weak areas, accuracy of your work, level of analysis and your ability to effectively organize time and organization skills. COACHES have been trained to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and provide personal attention based on your cosmetology exam answers. 

We work with each student learning style, strengths and weaknesses through asking, observing and requiring feedback carefully while encouraging and motivating them to success. We also encourage and assist students in creating goals so that they can reach their full potential while attending our sessions.

We offer comprehensive tutoring in theory and practical applications that includes organization, time management, motivational skills, planning study techniques and skills, interview training, salon skills and coaching and state board preparation. We can also customize sessions to fit the needs of our clients.

We have the latest and up to date resources, supplies and materials as well as current videos, state board testing and licensing information, online testing, study guides, customized testing, theory and prep sessions, customized courses and post graduate classes to prepare students for success. Our program offers study skills, homework help, and support to build confidence and address anxiety or learning challenges. We provide students with the flexibility and convenience of early bird scheduling or late appointments. 


​We look forward to serving you!